In the new world stage, where globalization has promoted the optimization of processes and products, It requires great effort on the part of companies to achieve their objectives. Competitiveness is the only globally accepted parameter to attract investment, increasing employment and production, balance and achieve surpluses. namely, competitiveness is synonymous with economic growth.

That is why Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A. together with Governor of the Province of La Pampa, has understood this challenge and has assumed as its main objective and core business to maximize the reduction of operating costs and installation so that the convenience of your company to settle in the ZFGP meaningful

Free Zone General Pico allows companies to foreign trade, region of, and outer, operate as international distributors, taking advantage of the privileged location of the area and the lower costs associated with the activities taking place in them.

The main objective of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 (AA2000), as operator of the Free Zone General Pico, The Pampa (ZFGP), It is promoting various forms of export and logistics involving major development on the campus.

Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A. (AA2000 S.A.) was the winner of the tender to operate the airport A group of the National Airports System (S.N.A.) of Argentina. This included the use of Free Zone General Pico, La Pampa (ZFGP).

To analyze the feasibility of the project to an American consultant he was hired, specialist in the development of free zones worldwide. World Cities Organization participated in the development of more than 130 Free Zones in the world, among which are those of Costa Rica and Jamaica and to the Special Zone of China or Singapore.

After analyzing the business potential, the consortium decided to entrepreneurship; presenting to the province a development proposal and financial proposal. The 6 November 1998, Company Servicios y Tecnología Aeropuertuarios SA, belonging to AA2000 S.A., He signed a contract with the Province of La Pampa, becoming the Dealer, for thirty (30) years ZFGP.