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General Pico is located at the north of the province of La Pampa, 131 km. from Santa Rosa and 143 meters above sea level. The media summer and winter temperature is 24°C and 8°C respectively. The rainfall annual average of the decade is approximately 800 mm. Its stable population is around the 52.000 inhabitants.
Its location is strategic inside the humid pampa and marginal (livestock) for the distribution of consumables and equipment, the same as the settlement of industries that transform raw material of agricultural and livestock origin.

Additionally, General Pico is at an equal distance from the main consumption and/or production centers.

Distances from General Pico [ How to get there? ]
+ Buenos Aires610 km.
+ Rosario600 km.
+ Córdoba522 km.
+ Mendoza656 km.
+ Neuquén654 km.
+ Bahía Blanca430 km.
+ San Luis416 km.
+ Santa Rosa131 km.
+ Valparaíso (Chile)1250 km.
+ Concepción (Chile)1200 km.

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Calle José Viscardis 1161
(6360) General Pico, La Pampa. Argentina
TEL / FAX (+54) 02302 - 423636 / 423637 / 011 - 4852 5966